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Town ready to seek bids for splash pad

by Geoff Fox

Town officials are officially moving forward for a splash pad in Widmeyer Park after not having a pool for over six years and continuous discussions about future water activities in the park.

Councilman David Kerns wanted Town Attorney Ed Kuczynski to draw up an RFP , or a request for proposal, for the splash pad.

Officials unanimously approved the request.

Kerns said the cost of a splash pad has been coming back at around $450,000. The average size is 5,000 to 8,000 square feet as well.

Kerns wants to put in the RFP the size and with a cost up to $450,000. That $450,000 would be the limit and any bid over that would not be accepted.

He added if he can get the RFP out now, the splash pad could be in by springtime.

The nice thing about a splash pad, Kerns said, is it can be used longer than a pool. That is something people don’t realize.

When the town had a pool, it was usually open from Memorial Day to Labor Day. With a splash pad, Kerns said when the weather starts getting nice in April and May, the splash pad could be open just as it could be open on warmer days in September and October.

As long as the temperatures aren’t freezing, the splash pad could be open to the public.