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Halloween in Hancock Officials opt for “Trunk or Treat” in park

by Geoff Fox

Hancock officials have announced that Saturday night, October 28, will be the night kids can head to the streets in search of their Tricks and Treats.

But there’s a catch…Instead of an official Trick or Treat, officials are looking at the safety of everyone involved and hosting a “Trunk or Treat” in Widmeyer Park on October 28 instead of the traditional door-to-door trick or treating.

Faith said Hardee’s is holding their Trunk or Treat event that same night as well.

Even though the town is sponsoring a Trunk or Treat in the park, that doesn’t mean folks can’t still hand out candy at their home.

During the September town meeting, town officials looked at Friday, October 27, as the night for Halloween festivities. But that got changed as the Hancock Panther football team hosts the Clear Spring Blazers in the final home game of the year that night.

During the meeting, Faith said having a community Trunk or Treat is easier on the police department and safer, noting a family membergothitbyacarafew years ago crossing the street to get candy.

He said not all the streets in town are well lit nor do they have adequate sidewalks.

“The days of just knocking on random doors is over,” he said.

Mayor Roland Lanehart, Jr. said the last time the town did Trunk or Treat was in Widmeyer Park and it was well attended, with long lines.

“We’re not going to tell people they can’t Trick or Treat but we would have a place in the park,” Faith said.

Councilman Josh McCusker said they could go bigger and have a bonfire and bales of straw for people to sit on.

Former mayor Dan Murphy, who was in attendance and gave a brief report for the Historical Society, said having the Trunk or Treat alongside an unofficial Trick or Treat could be confusing.

Lanehart said they weren’t telling people they couldn’t go door-to-door Trick or Treating, but it would be safer having it in the park.

In the past, cars were set up in the park from the Lions Pavilion around to the War Memorial, Lanehart said.

Hancock Rotary will be holding the Annual Halloween Parade on Wednesday, October 25 at 7 p.m. in downtown Hancock.