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Want to be in the Hancock visitor brochure? Now’s your chance

by Geoff Fox

In the Fall of 2021, the Hagerstown-Washington County Visitors and Convention Bureau paid for and released a brochure that listed a number of businesses, restaurants, medical and emergency services, churches and religious organizations, and other contacts in Hancock. On the reverse was a map of Hancock.

Since that brochure was published and released, some of the businesses and other services have either closed, left Hancock, or changed their information.

Now, those involved with the brochure are asking businesses in the Hancock area, those in Washington County and within five miles of Hancock, check the list on the Hancock website to verify their organization is listed or to delete anything that is no longer in operation.

To qualify for the listing, the business or organization must be a Washington County entity and within five miles of Hancock due to the county paying for the brochure.

Businesses or those who know of any businesses no longer open or new businesses can contact Town Hall at 301-678-5622 so they can make the list. The deadline is Wednesday, June 15.