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Town officials approve timeline for wastewater facility

by Geoff Fox

Town officials voted 3-0 to approve the schedule for moving ahead with improvements to the town’ s wastewater facility during the July town meeting.

Only Councilmen Josh McCusker, David Kerns, and Patrick Norris voted on the question. Richard Strong was not in attendance.

Town Manager Mike Faith laid out the details for town officials, saying the plan is for the wastewater treatment plant to be completed in December 2027.

Steps to complete the plant include design and bidding for construction.

There are plans for the facility to be open before Lanco is able to connect to the town’ s wastewater system.

“You gotta have the new plant before you can take any discharge from Lanco,” Faith said of the Hancock cheese factory.

The plan is to keep one of the lagoon pods in the current system open, said Faith.

This would allow the control of the flow going into the new wastewater treatment facility.