Town tweaking arrangement, operations of new parking kiosks

by Geoff Fox

Back in September, town officials gave the green light for a number of kiosks to be set up along Main Street where people could pay via credit/debit card or with coins to park along the street or in one of the town’s municipal lots.

Even though the kiosks were installed in late 2022, enforcement didn’t take place until early 2023.

But if you drive down Main Street, you’ll notice the signage for those kiosks has been removed.

In an email, Town Manager Mike Faith said the signage for the kiosks on Main Street have been taken down. The signage is still up in the parking lots, he added.

“We’ve had some issues with the kiosks working properly and we’ve also had complaints about where they’re located,” he said.

Some residents had taken to social media to complain about the kiosks, but there have been some concerns about the kiosks and addressed to town officials as well.

The kiosks are still on, but they haven’t been functioning with any consistency, Faith said.

Even though the signage along Main Street has been removed and the signage staying up in the lots, Faith said you still have to pay for parking. However, there won’t be any enforcement and tickets won’t be issued.

There are plans to install a few more kiosks in town so people wouldn’t have to walk so far for a kiosk.

The town is in the process of finalizing the purchase of 77 West Main Street, formerly Weaver’s Restaurant. That purchase includes the parking lot across the street.

Faith said once the town has completed that acquisition, the lot would have a parking kiosk installed. The town will clean out the old restaurant and seek out a new occupant or use for the downtown business.