OPINION: Getting out of the storm

It appears that Democrats are looking at their presidential options for 2024 as President Biden’s performance and approval rating continue to concern the party and voters. We’re not likely to hear it from the Dems, but plenty of Americans think another two years of Biden in the White House are too many.

The ongoing crisis of war in Ukraine, added to global inflation and the widespread effects of a deadly pandemic add up to a historic period. This moment requires fresh insights and strong leadership into the future. While Biden has lots of experience in governing and international connections, it’s not clear to the American people that he has a grasp on the next moves.

Regular folks have been in rough waters for more than two years. Now Americans are being tossed around and soaked in rising prices and loss of confidence in the future. Those pressures are adding to our homegrown troubles of weak domestic supply chains, political bickering and the constant tragedy of mass shootings. The storms aren’t ending anytime soon.

Americans don’t feel like we are on course, and some have lost hope that we can get back on the right course. Biden’s team needs to do a better job of telling the public how they’re navigating the nation through these extremely stormy seas, or they need a steadier captain who can show us the way toward shore.