Park pavilion roof replacements proposed under Project Open Space program

by Kate Shunney

Hancock could receive $59,219 in Project Open Space funding for two park roof replacement projects that will cost a total of $65,800. A local 10% match will supply the rest of the needed funds to complete the projects, if they are approved.

The lone pavilion in Joseph Hancock Park and five pavilions and gazebos at Widmeyer Park are included in the program proposals.

Widmeyer Park pavilions and gazebo are in line for roof replacements. photos by Geoff Fox

Pavilion roof work at Joseph Hancock and Widmeyer Park are needed to fix up deteriorating structures in both parks.

Pavilion at Joseph Hancock Park. photo by Geoff Fox

Washington County Commissioners will cast an official vote on adopting the recommendation for spending the Project Open Space funds this way at their June 11 meeting.

“The existing pavilions and roofs are deteriorating which is compromising the structural integrity and safety of the community space and jeopardizing the investment of the facilities. The proposed project involves the installation of durable weather resistant roofing materials to ensure long term reliability and protection for park visitors,” county documents say. “The work will help preserve these assets for community gatherings, events and recreation activities.”