George Waller

George Waller


George “Sam” Waller was born January 3, 1945 in New Castle, Pennsylvania. He passed away on May 14, 2024, at the Berkeley Springs Healthcare Center, in Berkeley Springs, W.Va.

Sam was a proud United States Army Veteran that served in the Vietnam War. After his service to his country, Sam worked as a steelworker in Bethel, Pa. for several years. Sam later relocated and made Berkeley Springs, W.Va. his home. He was a Residential Youth Worker/Counselor at Timber Ridge School in Winchester, Va. for 28 years.

Sam was a humble, gentle spirit. He was a stranger to many, but was a true blessing to those who took the time to get to know him and see beyond the surface. He was a person that truly would do anything for anyone.

Sam lived a life filled with hardships and challenges, yet he faced each day with quiet dignity and grace. He lived his life with a silent strength, weathering the storms of life with a quiet resolve that inspired those who crossed paths with him. Sam found solace in the simple joys of life like a warm meal, a place to lay his head at night, a kind word spoken to him, a fleeting moment of connection with a passerby, and the joy of giving what little he had to others!

Sam leaves behind no family and very few friends. But, his memory will live on in the hearts of those people he has touched. In his passing, we are reminded of the fragility of life and the importance of compassion and empathy towards others, no matter their circumstances. The simple things that we take for granted in life are the same things that some people would give everything to experience.

Sam always said that he had just one regret in life… “No Wife & No Kids” because (quote)…. “I know I would have been a loyal, loving husband and a GREAT father!”

For some, his presence may have gone unnoticed. But, his impact on those who took the time to get to know him will remain with them for the rest of their days.

Sam will now find closure with all the things he so desperately desired in life with his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. May he be remembered for the light he brought into this world, by all of those that knew him. Rest in peace, Sam. You are loved and will not be forgotten.

Services and burial will be private.

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Arrangements are being handled by Helsley-Johnson Funeral Home & Cremation Center, 95 Union Street, Berkeley Springs, WV.