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Maryland Fishing Forecast for early October

Maryland’s Fishing Report from the Department of Natural Resources includes a forecast for the week ahead.

The western region finally received substantial rain, which should help with stream flows and cooling water temperatures this week. Anglers will begin to see fish becoming more active. The fall trout stocking program will begin in October and anglers across the state will be able to enjoy fun trout fishing in the put-and-take areas.

Go to for information on the trout stocking program.

The upper Potomac River saw a rise in water levels due to the weekend’ s rain, and although they dropped within a few days the water levels are still higher than they were before the rain. Anglers should see improved fishing for smallmouth bass due to increased flows and cooler water conditions.

“Slow retrieves will still be in order and fluorocarbon leaders will help greatly when presenting a variety of lures,” said DNR fishing experts.

Cooler water temperatures and shorter daylight hours are beginning to influence grass bed decline where largemouth bass target, when feeding and residing during the daylight hours. Largemouth bass will begin to move to the thickest and healthiest portions of grass they can find.

“Using a variation of the Texas rig with heavy weight and a slide stop above the weight is a good way to punch through the thick floating grass mats to largemouth bass residing below. A stout rod, braided line and soft plastic baits will be valuable assets,” said state fishing experts.

Largemouth bass are becoming more active as they shake off the summer temperatures and bright sunlight, and will be feeding more through the day as they try to build up body stores. As shallow grass beds begin to decline, baitfish and crayfish will be moving towards deeper waters where they can find cover for the colder months. Largemouth bass will often be found in transition areas to intercept them. Soft craw baits, crankbaits, spinnerbaits, and jerkbaits are all good choices to fish in these areas, say fishing officials.

Northern snakeheads will be holding close to existing grass beds and shoreline brush. They are very active this week as they feel the need to build up body stores after a long spawning season.

Chatterbaits and buzzbaits are good choices when working grass or brush. As snakeheads begin to be found in more open waters near cover, large minnows fished under a bobber can offer additional opportunities while casting lures.

Largemouth bass, photo by Eric Packard.

The creeks feeding into the tidal Potomac River, the lower Susquehanna River, and the Middle, Bush, and Patapsco rivers are excellent places to find snakeheads.

The lower Eastern Shore tidal waters and the upper Patuxent also hold large populations of northern snakeheads.

Crappie are beginning to school up near marina docks, bridge piers, fallen treetops, and sunken brush in the deeper water tidal waters, reservoirs, and lakes. Using small minnows or marabou jigs fished under a slip bobber is a good way to fish for them, say state fishing officials.