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Lady Panthers went to Pirate territory

Alyssa Keefer (3) goes up for the block with Payton Mosier (14) coming in to back her up.
Alyssa Keefer (3) sends the ball back to the Paw Paw Pirates on Tuesday, September 26 with Jenna Wells (2) and Kaydence Gaither (11) coming to help.
Jenna Wells (2) goes up to return the ball to the Pirates, while Alyssa Morris (13), Kaydence Gaither (11) and Payton Mosier (14) come for back up.
Alyssa Morris (13) slides under for the save with Kaydence Gathier (11) getting ready to spike.
Payton Mosier (14) gets under the ball with Alyssa Morris (13) and Jenna Wells (2) coming to help.
Kaydence Gaither (11) goes up in the air to return the ball. photos by Lori Younker