Water line extension to BFS could begin in September

by Kate Shunney & Geoff Fox

Washington County Commissioners approved on July 11 a memorandum of understanding with the Town of Hancock and Bruceton Farm Services (BFS) to help fund the extension of an 8-inch water line to the new Hancock travel plaza.

Each party to the agreement will pay a third of the total cost of the project, which is estimated to cost $417,835. BFS would be responsible for any cost over that amount.

“This is an economic development commitment to the town,” said Commissioner Jeff Cline.

Newly-elected members of the commission noted that they felt an obligation to proceed with the agreement, which was discussed and sketched out in the fall, since the development of the site had already been done.

The agreement received unanimous approval from the county.

Hancock Town Manager Mike Faith said BFS is moving forward on their project to connect to the town’s waterline.

Faith said he got a quote from Maryland Pipe and figures there could be some cost savings. The town is sharing the cost in thirds with the county and BFS, with each share not to go over $150,000.

The permit process is starting and plans are almost done.

For the BFS to be on the town’s water and sewer, they would need to be annexed into the town limits, a process that’ s already begun. The annexation agreement for BFS has already been signed, Faith said.

The water line extension project could start September 1.