Have a ball! New courts in place for outdoor fun

by Geoff Fox

On Monday, July 3, Weaver Paving was in Widmeyer Park taking up the pavement that had made up the town park’s tennis courts.

That area will become the new basketball court and pickleball courts.

The space, which is 110×115 feet will have an 84×50 basketball court along with three 44×20 pickleball courts.

There will be no tennis courts in the new layout.

The new layout is within the tennis court footprint, but was lengthened about 10 feet on the eastern edge to allow more pickleball courts.

The cost of the work was an estimated $44,196, said Town Manager Mike Faith. That breaks down as $7,550 for site work, $10,000 for prep work, $14,950 for tennis court overlay, $5,696 for basketball equipment, and an estimated $6,000 for pickleball equipment.

Faith said the town’s Public Works crew would handle installation.

The asphalt is done and Faith said he and Kerns would go out to mark where things go.

There were some improvements made to the former tennis courts site, Faith said.

The tennis courts were perfectly flat, which didn’t allow rainwater to flow off. The new courts have a slight grade to the pavement, but you wouldn’t be able to see it.

As for the basketball standards, Faith said they are already in hand, but won’t be installed until the measured and marked. Once that happens, the current basketball standards and fencing will be removed.

Faith said the current basketball court would eventually become more parking for the pavilion and park in general.

The ultimate goal is to have everything ready at the courts by National Night Out on August 1.

A sketch of the newly paved sports court in Hancock.
Weaver Paving tore up the old tennis courts in Widmeyer Park on Monday, July 3, and paved the new pickleball and basketball courts.