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Town’s new traffic cameras are up & working

by Geoff Fox

Councilman Roland Lanehart, Jr. told town officials the Redspeed cameras by Hancock Middle-Senior High School and Hancock Elementary are now up and running, and speeding tickets are already being issued.

Lanehart is one of the town council’s Police Commissioners.

Reports for the camera are coming in to Hancock Police and officials every month.

“Several local citizens have gotten tickets up at the school zone,” he said.

Sixty tickets were issued in February alone through Red Speed.

Lanehart said people shouldn’t come to the Hancock Police Department or the town manager complaining about the tickets if they get one.

“The company that installed the machines is pretty much taking care of the tickets,” he said.

Lanehart also told town officials Hancock Police responded to 506 calls in February.

There were only three officers on duty during that time, he added, as one officer was off for paternity leave.

Mayor Tim Smith said the number of calls would be going up as the temperatures go up. During the town meeting, there is usually an officer from the Hancock Police Department in attendance. However, no officer was in attendance during the March town meeting so Lanehart presented the department update.