90-day legislative session begins today at Maryland statehouse

by Kate Shunney

New and seasoned Maryland lawmakers will return to Annapolis today, Wednesday, January 11 to kick off the 2023 Legislative Session in the 445th session of the Maryland General Assembly. The 90-day session ends on April 10.

Political observers predict that this session will have a different pace, as new Democratic governor Wes Moore begins his first term.

This year, the state’s legislative and executive branches have leadership of the same party, meaning there will likely be fewer obstacles to implement party priorities.

What those priorities turn out to be will be watched by citizens and businesses alike.

Western Maryland’s Republican representatives, while in the minority, retain some sway as a strong voice for the state’s rural citizens.

Mike McKay, former delegate from Allegany County, begins his first term as a State Senator, stepping into the space left open by the exit of George Edwards.

Former Washington County Commissioner Terry Baker will embark on his first term as a member of the House of Delegates for District 1C.

Both the Washington County Board of Commissioners and the Town of Hancock have had conversations about their legislative priorities for this session, and what measures they want to see pass to tackle some of the pressing issues for the county and town.