Pennies For Patients starting up

by Geoff Fox

Get out your spare, loose change and give it to your student at Hancock Elementary or Hancock Middle-Senior High School as the Pennies For Patients program has once again started at both schools.

Last year, the students and Hancock community proved more than generous by raising $2,095.25, said David “Doc” Holliday.

The goal this year is just a bit higher than last year’s total at $2,193.51. That is an average of the total of the last 15 years.

Over those 15 years, the grand total has been $32,902.61 going to help cancer patients.

Gavin Myers fourth Grade class at Hancock Elementary and April Shupp’ s seventh Grade homeroom at Hancock Middle-Senior High School were last year’s winners.

Each student in the winning class from each school giving the most money will receive a Pizza Hut personal pan pizza. Also, on the last day of the three week campaign, National Ugly Sweater Day will be celebrated with a student selected from each class receiving a Sheetz hot dog with the works coupon.

“Keep in mind: Every penny leads to a cure for cancer and a life saved,” Holliday said.