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Hancock Fire Company responds to multiple accidents over holiday weekend

by Geoff Fox

Hancock Fire Department responded to three multi-vehicle accidents on Interstate 70 in the evening hours of Sunday, November 27. A total of 11 vehicles were involved in both accidents.

Traffic was heavy on the interstate at the end of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

Deputy Chief Ben Hoopengardner said the first accident involved four vehicles with no injuries.

Because of back ups caused by the accident on Interstate 68 and Interstate 70, Hoopengardner said traffic was detoured through town.

Due to the detour through town, a second accident occurred on East Main Street. Hoopengardner said there were no injuries in that accident either.

According to Fire Chief Robert Hoopengardner, the third accident at the 1-mile marker involved five vehicles, three of which had to be towed from the scene.

Hoopengardner added three people were transported to area hospitals for injuries. He did not give an extent of the injuries.

“Traffic was busy and roads were wet, not sure what the cause of the accident was,” Hoopengardner said in an email.

I-70 was closed for about an hour and a half until all vehicles were removed and debris cleaned up, Hoopengardner said.

The Hancock News reached out to Maryland State Police for information regarding both accidents, however they did not have information available.