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Town refines business grant process & bid reviews

by Geoff Fox

Town manager Mike Faith gave officials an update on where certain projects stand and things coming up on the town’s radar.

The town’ s grant committee met and reviewed a “few different grant applications,” Faith said, and have to decide what the committee wants to do when people are getting contracted work and submitting those bids or estimates for approval.

Faith said the committee would need two proposals or bids for contracted work. Faith added the ones they reviewed would be sent back to the businesses that submitted the applications to get other bids before they review the applications.

There was also another question raised in the committee about what the mayor and council would want to do if a person submitted applications for multiple addresses.

Mayor Tim Smith said if the business owner could get a maximum of $10,000 for the business or a building owner would get the maximum $10,000 for the building.

The grant money can’t be used for residential improvements, which some buildings have both a business and residential aspects to them.

There have been a few applicants become a little irritated with the process because the town is requiring applicants follow all municipality, county, and state building codes and permits.

“It hasn’ t been done in the past, but we’re at that point where it has to be done,” Smith said. “If you apply for the grant, you have to follow the permitting.”

He said when a business opens, whether it’ s the same type of business as the previous business, they have to have the fire marshal inspection when moving into the building.

“My answer is if you don’t comply by the rules, then you’re not going to get the grant money,” the mayor said. “It’ s just plain and simple.”

He added the town can guide business or building owners where to go get information and help them with it, but if they can’t follow the guidelines, that’s on the business or building owner.