Pop art show comes to Hancock

by Lisa Schauer

Off 70 Studio on Main Street in Hancock was the venue for an eclectic art show by graduate students from George Mason University on Saturday, February 25.

“It’s a great opportunity for them to get their work out of the studio and into the public,” said Sue Wrbican, a sculptor and professor at GMU, who offers her art studio at 39 W. Main Street to artists for installations and exhibits.

The multi-media exhibit, called Interstitial, celebrated the unique perspectives of five young artists in a stripped-down studio.

Chen Bi, an artist from Nanjing, China, stood proudly in front of her graphite and acrylic series of drawings on paper, titled “What do you expect me to be?”. Her thought-provoking images deal with the societal expectations placed on women.

Steven Luu, of Centreville, Virginia, posed in front of his untitled concrete exhibit representing peace and healing.

“Hancock is a humble town. I can’t find a better place for my art. It is beautiful here. This is the kind of place I could see myself living quietly and peacefully,” said Luu.

Liz Louise of Fairfax, Virginia, explained how her installation, called “canned memories” preserves artifacts and personal stories from the artist.

Mackenzie Hoffman’s experimental video, called 5:00 a.m., is intended to make the viewer slightly uncomfortable as a subject stares back at you.

Artist Traci Reynolds displayed her tactile art in bright splendid colors.

Small groups of art lovers wandered around the studio, chatting with Wrbican and the artists at the free show.

Next up at Off 70 Studio will be a display of  work by artist Mary Carothers, opening on March 16.

Artist Mackenzie Hoffman poses next to her experimental video, 5:00 a.m. on Saturday, February 25.
Liz Louise was photographed next to her artwork “canned memories” at Off 70 in Hancock.
Artist Chen Bi, of Nanjing, China stands proudly in front of her drawings hanging at Off 70 Studio in Hancock.
Artist Steven Luu, with his untitled work in concrete, greeted guests at Off 70 at 39 W. Main Street in Hancock for the art show “Interstitial”.