Flushable wipes clogging up the town works

by Geoff Fox

Hancock Town Manager Faith wants to let town residents know if there is a blockage in their sewer line, whether it’s on them or the town, he’s willing to bet it’s caused by flushable wipes.

“That’s the problem every single time,” he said.

The issue of wipes isn’t new to Hancock, as previous town mangers have raised the concern as well.

Former Town Managers David Smith and Joe Gilbert both addressed the issue in 2016 and 2020, warning Hancock residents to not flush “flushable wipes” down the toilets.

Faith said even if the container claims the wipes are flushable, that’s not the case.

“None of them are flushable. Period. End of story,” Faith said.

By flushing the wipes down the toilet, they are causing issues for the person flushing them and their neighbors.

Faith said the wipes get into the pumps at the wastewater stations and plug the pumps.

Mayor Roland Lanehart said the pumps are grinders and it still causes problems.