Christmas For Others will add holiday gifts and necessities for local residents

by Geoff Fox

A Christmas season tradition in Hancock once again will help those in need during the holiday season, with support from businesses and residents of Hancock.

Christmas For Others is set to assist 60 families and 33 individuals in the Hancock area with clothes, food, and toys in preparation for the upcoming holiday season.

Debbie Murphy, who heads the holiday charity, said the numbers were normal this year as compared to previous years.

Registration for CFO was held the entire month of November, Murphy said.

On Monday morning, December 4, Murphy, Linda Eney, and Kasey Minnick were in the small meeting room at Town Hall packing bags to be distributed later this month.

In years past, there were bags of food distributed to those who had signed up for the program. Recently, CFO has been giving the adults gift cards for groceries, allowing for the family to choose the foods they would want.

Murphy said children would receive a voucher for clothing along with the toys.

The registration process has been a little difficult as there were changes to cell phone numbers, as it made it more difficult to get in touch with people.

All three women agreed the easiest, and most fun, part of CFO has been the distribution of the gift cards, vouchers, and toys.

Murphy said the program is a positive program through the support of the local churches, businesses, and individuals “keeps us afloat.”

“The response from the recipients is always appreciative,” Murphy said.