Editorial: Farewell to Sam Judge

We at The Hancock News were very sorry to learn of the passing of Sam Judge on May 11. Sam was a champion of Hancock and was tireless in photographing the town’s activities, visitors and people, from big events to everyday life. His efforts to create and run the Hancock Facebook page made it a true success and attracted fans both to the page and the town.

Sam’s artistic eye was also at work in an annual photo contest, show and various photo exhibits over the years. He was gracious in letting our newspaper reprint some of his photos over the years, until he thought the quality of printing fell down and didn’t think his images came out clear enough on the page. When we changed printers a few years later and the print quality improved, we were pleased that Sam agreed to let us run some of his photos once again in our pages.

Sam’s characteristic attention to detail, artistic skill and commitment to his community have contributed greatly to Hancock and Southern Fulton. Even though he worked behind the lens and behind the scenes much of the time, Sam Judge stands out as a tireless booster of Hancock and Southern Fulton. He recorded the rich history of towns and their people. That’s a true treasure of great value, and its importance will only grow over time.