Good Friday tradition makes its way through town

by Geoff Fox

People from across the Hancock area gathered in Widmeyer Park last Friday morning, April 7, to begin a Good Friday tradition of walking about a mile from Widmeyer Park to St. Peter’s Catholic Church as part of the annual multi-church Cross Walk.

On a chilly morning close to 40 people, young and old, made their way in remembrance of Jesus’ last day.

Pastors and deacons from churches in Hancock read scripture and led a reflection on each reading.

Rev. Kirk DeVore, Deacon at St. Thomas Episcopal Church, read from Matthew 26:30-56 while Rev. Steve McCarty, interim priest at St. Thomas, gave a reflection. The crowd then sang “Go to Dark Gethsemane” before departing Widmeyer Park for the Hancock United Methodist Church.

Rev. Terry Martin-Minnich read from Matthew 27:38-44 and gave a reflection during the Cross Walk stop at the Meditation Garden of Hancock Presbyterian Church.

At the United Methodist Church, Rev. Becki Wissinger picked up the Scripture reading at Matthew 26: 57- 27:14. Likewise a song was sung before moving on.

This occurred at each stop – Rev. James Mason, Deacon at St. Peter’s, read and reflected at Martha’s House;

Rev. Jeff Hawbaker, Pastor at Orchard Ridge Church of God, at Civil War Heritage Park; Rev. Dr. Terry Martin- Minnich, of the Hancock Presbyterian Church, in her church’s Meditation Garden; Chaplin (Col.) (Ret.) Ron Martin-Minnich, Hancock Presbyterian Church, at St. Thomas; and Rev. Jack Lom- bardi, of St. Peter’s Catholic Church, at that church.

Along the way, volunteers from those gathered – Pat Narrango, Tony Patterson, Jamie Morris, Danny Hixon, Haeleigh Shoop, Cooper Williams, Keirra Narrango and Lucy Shaw – carried the cross from each stop.

Rev. Becki Wissinger of the Hancock United Methodist Church reads from Matthew 26:30-56 in the church’s parking lot as part of the Good Friday Cross Walk last Friday, April 7.