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Speed cameras & traffic stops discussed at town meeting

by Geoff Fox

Temporary speed cameras have been installed in the school zone near Hancock Middle-Senior High School and Hancock Elementary.

Red Speed installed the new speed cameras and those temporary cameras are now operational, the town council learned last week.

They started Monday, October 10, Officer Shawn Faith told town officials, and is issuing tickets.

Both he and Sgt. Rich Miller have taken training regarding the control of the cameras.

Officer Faith said he believes the permanent cameras will be elevated. The temporary ones are on the ground. From 6 a.m. until 8 p.m., the speed limit in that area is 25-miles per hour and the digital read on the sign has been fixed.

Councilman Roland Lanehart, Jr. said he’s had citizens reach out to him regarding the number of traffic stops in the last month. Those stops are unrelated to the camera and are initiated by police officers.

He said there were stops where there were speeders, unregistered vehicles, dead tags, and no licenses or insurance.

Last month there were 125 traffic stops made by Hancock Police, he said.

Faith said there would be police patrols in town during Trick or Treat night in town on Friday, October 28, and he’ s been in contact with Fire Police to help at intersections

the night of the Halloween Parade on Wednesday, October 26.