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Hancock Police Department to update firearms

by Geoff Fox

Hancock Police are looking to acquire new firearms with the intent to be more in line with other police agencies in Washington County.

Councilman Roland Lanehart told town officials the Hancock Police Department is in need of new handguns and holsters as they are not the same as those of the Maryland State Police and Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

Those agencies have upgraded to 9-millimeter handguns while Hancock has a 40-millimeter handgun.

Once Hancock is fully staffed with five officers, there would be six handguns available for the officers.

Lanehart said they would need six handguns, which run $500 each, and five holsters, which run $125.

Officer Shawn Faith of the Hancock Police said the reason for the new guns would be if there were ever a shoot out in Hancock, this would allow Hancock officers and officers from other agencies to use the same ammunition and magazines.

Town officials unanimously approved the purchase of the new handguns for the police department.