Hancock organizations receive $23K from county in gaming money

by Geoff Fox

Two Hancock organizations received a combined $23,000 from the Washington County Gaming Commission earlier this month.

Interfaith Service Coalition received $20,000 and Hancock Little League received $3,000 from the commission.

Those with ties to Hancock received $38,000 with Big Brothers Big Sisters receiving $28,200 and Boys and Girls Club receiving $10,000.

Overall, the Gaming Fund total was $2,591,012.93 for fiscal year 2022, which ended on June 30. That total represents an increase of $129,336.68 when compared to the 2021 revenue.

State law requires those funds be divided equally among Washington County Fire and Rescue Association and local charities and in January, the Fire and Rescue Association received $565,192.92.

An additional $730,313.55 will be distributed, bringing the yearly total for Fire and Rescue to $1,295,506.47.

In May of this year, the Washington County Gaming Commission received 84 separate applications from 75 charitable organizations with total request of $2,062,148.54.

After a gaming hearing in June, and a one-day workshop in July, the Commission was able to either partially or fully fund 66 of the 84 requests.

Of the 84 applications received, 44 received full funding, 22 partial funding, and 18 denied funding.

A total of $1,295,506.46 of 2022 gaming funds were allocated to 60 of the 75 charitable organizations applying.

The Community Free Clinic received the largest award of $175,000 followed by R.E.A.C.H. of Washington County receiving $100,000 and Senior Living Alternatives, Inc./Holly Place receiving $90,000.